|  a wedding Film+Photo duo
capturing love in Austria and 
South Africa  |


Hi there!
It's us, Charlotte + Johan, the photography duo behind Hold Me Dear.  We are based in Vienna but also Johan's home, South Africa, from time to time. 
We love to capture the raw moments between two people and turn them into timeless memories.  Our style can be described as authentic, natural and easy-going.
Charlotte, the photographer, aspires to hold dear the memory of the moment - photos of how it felt. Always sipping on a cup of coffee.
 Aside from weddings, her heart beats for intimate photo sessions, whether it is a couple, maternity, new born, or family shoot. Feel free to reach out!

Johan , the Cinematographer, has a passion for conveying emotion through the art of film. 
Never to be seen without a camera in his hands.

Leave us a message,  we can't wait to meet you!
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